How will a quality education enhance my future?

Ever since I was little I dreamed of being a teacher.  As far back as I remember I would teach my stuffed animals math equations, well at least all the ones I knew at the ages of five and six.  But math has always seemed to interest me, the way the numbers work their way up or down to the perfect answer. So in order to reach my goal I need a quality education to achieve my dream of becoming a teacher, because if I didn’t have a good education my brain would be very limited to learning much less understanding new things in the mathematical world we live in today.  

Another reason why a good education will improve my future’s so that I can get a good paying job for myself and my future family.  Because sure, you could work at McDonald’s or Arby’s for the rest of your life, but I’m pretty sure neither of those two jobs are not going to bring in a lot of money at the end of the day.  But, if I get a quality education that can widen the spectrum for good paying jobs like architecture or an owner of a company or even the President of the United States. Okay that last one was a little out there but it’s true, with a good education and the dedication you can make anything happen.  

And lastly, the reason you should have a quality education is so that you can have a sense of completion.  Now I never said that having a quality education was going to be easy, because if it was easy and did not push you, you’re probably not playing to the best of your abilities.  I know many people who have dropped out of high school and regretted it and trust me, I have thought about dropping out 100 times. But would always keep me going is the thought of walking up onstage in a cap and gown and being that high school diploma.   


9th Grader S M