Pappas Kids Scholarship Foundation

The Pappas Kids Schoolhouse Foundation has been privileged to serve homeless and economically disadvantaged students in the state of Arizona since 2005 by offering private school tuition assistance through our Arizona Private School Tuition Tax Credit Program. The Pappas Kids Scholarship Foundation believes in giving these students the opportunity to attend private schools in Arizona so that they may excel in a surrounding that best suits their educational efforts.

With the support of our generous donors, we have provided more than 9,175 scholarships amounting more than $18.1 million dollars to homeless and underprivileged students attending Arizona qualified private schools. These students qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch through the National School Lunch Program Financial Guidelines.

Students choose to attend these schools for various reasons. One reason is that students and their families do not feel safe attending the neighborhood school in their area. Another reason is their neighborhood schools do not offer programs that motivate the student to attend consistently and many require a smaller classroom environment in order to catch up academically by having more individualized student/teacher involvement. By surrounding these students in nurturing and supportive educational environments, we believe the students have the best opportunity to succeed.

Scholarship Application-

Open February 20, 2024- Deadline May 10, 2024- Awards Announced June 29, 2024

New Applicants,  Click Here  to download our Scholarship Application

Renewal Applicants, Click Here to download our Renewal Application – All applicants that received a scholarship from Pappas Kids must fill our a renewal application. 

*Renewal applicants are students that received a scholarships from Pappas Kids in the previous school year.

How YOU Can Help

The money that you would spend on state taxes can now be directed to helping send economically disadvantaged children to school. And it costs you nothing! Arizona State Tax Credit #323, known as the Private School Tuition Tax Credit, allows you to earn a dollar for dollar tax credit for helping these students.

A contribution to Pappas Kids Schoolhouse Foundation will qualify you for an Arizona State credit. Contributions can be made until April 15th each year. Pappas Kids Schoolhouse Foundation is a state of Arizona qualified Student Tuition Organization permitted to receive these tax credit contributions and award scholarships to economically disadvantaged students.

Take full advantage of Arizona State Tax Credit #323 and become our partner to provide educational opportunities that will positively enhance the lives of these children forever. Please take time to be a hero. Our kids are counting on YOU!

Thank you!
A.R.S. 43-1089 (G) now allows you to donate up until you file your Arizona income taxes, not later than April 15, and have it count toward the prior tax year at the election of the donor, starting with tax year 2010. A.R.S. 43-1089 (C) allows for a yearly increase to the donation maximum per the Consumer Price Index, starting January 1, 2011.