“Thank you again for providing the generous scholarship, which has given me the opportunity to attend Seton. I know that this is helping me get a solid foundation so I will have all the skills I need to be successful in college. I am very grateful and will continue to put my best efforts into all my endeavors here.”
-Student: Megan M.

“I am very fortunate to be able to go to Bourgade Catholic High School. It would not be possible without the financial help from your organization. I am trying very hard to keep up my grades while continuing to participate in many extra-curricular activities and service to others.” 
-Student: Alicia

“I am so truly blessed to be receiving such a gift from the Pappas Kids Schoolhouse Foundation. I truly believe Caleb is receiving the best education. Thank you so much!”
-Parent: Carey B.

Click to view Thank You letter from Imago Dei Middle School

My name is Brianna M. and I have had the pleasure of being a Pappas Kid since 2009. It all began while I was searching for the right high school. I knew I wanted to attend St. Mary’s high but I also knew it would be a bit of a struggle because at the time my mother was the only one in our home that provided the income. This did not stop us from attempting and applying.

My mother told me “let’s try and get through the process, it will be ok”. She was right! I was blessed with the financial aid to attend the school of my choice! This is where Pappas School House came into the picture.

Working with Dayna was like working with someone who truly cares. Dayna / Pappas School just did not hand over payment for my education. They handed over more. I received calls and emails asking how I am, how is school, and if I needed anything. With all the emails and checking up on me, made me work harder to make everyone proud.

I attended St. Mary’s Catholic High school, I was a part of several clubs such as key club, dance, year book, office aid and being a St. Mary’s ambassador. I loved all 4 years at of high school, it was an experience. I graduated with a 3.8 GPA. The proudest moment for myself and my family was walking down to accept my diploma. The pride is so unexplainable, seeing my mother’s face and how proud she was, best feeling in the world.

I am actually the first to graduate high school in my family from the last 4 generations and I wanted to continue my education not just stop with my high school diploma. I continue to move forward and set to be an example to the younger generation in our family that anything is possible. Currently I am attending Estrella Mountain Community College. I hold a 3.2 GPA while working and going to school full time. My goal is to become a traveling labor and delivery nurse. This will give me a chance to not only see new things, but to learn and meet different people as well.

I am taking the last 3 classes before I can apply for the Nursing program at ASU, and I couldn’t be any more excited! I’ve went through lots of decision making before I fully committed to this career path. All of these accomplishments in my life and dreams that I am reaching is because someone cared and believed in me. Believed in me giving me the confidence to work hard for what I want and most importantly the support.

Pappas cared enough, to take the financial burden and allow myself and other Pappas Kids the opportunity to reach for the stars. I continue to receive calls/email every semester from Dayna asking how am I doing and how my grades are. She also helps me if I need any assistance with books for my college courses. I am truly grateful and forever thankful for this opportunity given to me. I feel blessed to be part of Pappas Kids Thank you Pappas School house foundation and thank you Dayna!!! And most of all thank you to all the donors who make this possible.

-Student: Brianna June 2017