The Pappas Kids Board of Directors serves as a network of support for our programs. They provide assistance to our students through volunteerism, monetary contributions and helping Pappas Kids establish a strong network to help develop program growth. We are forever grateful for the guidance and support that our Board gives.

Board Members

Al Bernstein – Board President – Chief Executive Officer and President of Nationwide Vision

Bob Westbrook – Board Treasurer – Certified Financial Planner – Westbrook Financial Services, Inc.

Theodore Carpenter, Member – Retired Firefighter and State of Arizona District 6 House of Representative

Marvin Swift, Member – Partner of Snell and Wilmer Law Offices –Attorney

Dina Cutler, Member – Principal – Esperanza Prep

Diane Fernichio, Member – Dean of Students – Step Up School Mesa

Jeff Burch, Member – Affluent Segment Leader, Vice President  at Wells Fargo

Bill Adams, Member – Owner of Ryan Austin & Associates – Employee Benefits Consultant

Fran Mallace, Member – Vice President, Cox Media