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Pappas Kids is doing what we can to prevent more families from falling under the poverty threshold by providing educational assistance to Arizona’s students in need. Statistics show that higher extracurricular activity participation is correlated with a positive social and academic self-worth. It has also been discovered that there is a clear link between participation in extracurricular activities and academic and social benefits, such as decreased anti-social behavior and substance abuse.

It is because of these statistics that we provide financial assistance to students in need so that they may have the opportunity to be actively engaged in afterschool and extracurricular activities.

Pappas Kids also assist struggling high school seniors with funding for tutoring, this helps them overcome an obstacle which may be preventing them from graduation. In 2017 we provided more than 1400 backpacks with school supplies to students throughout Arizona, these supplies give the children confidence to start the year prepared and ready to learn.

We have observed that students who received assistance through our programs become confident to take more advanced courses and spend more time on homework. They have post-secondary educational aspirations, higher GPA’s, more parental involvement, less absenteeism, better college attendance, and higher occupational aspirations. While every effort is made by schools to create an effective classroom learning experience for the children during the school day, students who live in economically challenged environments require more time to catch up culturally and academically than children who do not face the same challenges.

By giving these students the opportunities they deserve and “eliminating the barriers” that childhood homelessness and poverty may create, Pappas hopes to change the course of their lives so they can become fully literate, productive members of our society.

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